1. Q. Can I put my ice machine on a water softener? A. It is not recommended because a water softener adds salinity to the water raising the freezing point. Raising the freeze point will cause the machine to produce ice slower and in Flake or Nugget applications it will cause the ice to become wetter and more like a Slushie.
2. Q. Why won't my machine go into ice harvest? A. Two things must happen before the machine can enter harvest. The suction pressure must drop below the set point of the low pressure control which we call a timer initiate. When this occurs the timer initiate closes and supplies power to a delay timer. The delay time is usually set between 3-5 minutes. When the time on the delay timer passed power is then sent to the harvest components.
3. Q. My low pressure timer initiate is closed and my delay timer is closed, but the machine still won't go into harvest. What is the problem?

A. There is a High Temperature Safety that senses the temp of the suction line. Its purpose is to open if the machine stays in harvest too long. The HTS is located on the suction line. If it fails in the open position, the machine will not enter harvest.

4. Q. My under counter machine was shipped without a splash curtain. How can I order one?

A. Under counter machines are not designed to have curtains or clips. All other parts must be ordered through your local distributor. 

5. Q. How do I locate a local IOM distributor? A. Find a distributor near you, or call 1-800-423-3367.
6. Q. How can I find a local authorized service agent to do warranty work? A.Find a service tech near you, or call 1-800-423-3367.
7. Q. How can I make my cubes thicker or thinner? A. The cubes should have a 3/16” bridge between each cube on all 300lb machines or smaller, and 1/8” bridge for all other size machines. To increase or decrease to that thickness you need to adjust the timer accordingly.
8. Q. Where can I get a service, owners/installation, or parts manual? A. Click on the following link and enter the model of your ice machine.
9. Q. Will you be doing training in my area anytime soon? A. Service school information can be found by contacting your local Ice-O-Matic distributor.
10. Q. My under counter machine won't run. What is wrong with it? A. There is a static bin control that shuts the machine off when the bin fills with ice. This control may need to be adjusted. To determine if that is the problem locate the bin thermostat sensor below the evaporator where the ice forms. Find the brass rod and take a dish rag with hot water and rub it on the tube. If the machine comes on, adjust the bin stat.
11. Q. How can I make my ice machine produce more ice? A. Make sure the condenser is clean and has proper air flow. Remember the high the ambient temperature the less ice the machine will produce.
12. Q. Will my under counter machine work with the legs removed? A. The machine will operate properly without legs. However check local codes which may require legs for cleaning under machine.
13. Q. How old is my machine? A. Machines manufactured in 2004 or later have a 14 digit SN the first two digits indicate the year of manufacture the second two indicates the month. Machines prior to 2004 have a SN that begins with a letter followed by 8 digits A=Jan B= Feb, etc. The number that follows is the year 0=2000 1=2001.
14. Q. Is my machine still under warranty? A. Go here to determine what the warranty is on your equipment. Warranty begins with date of install. If the install date is not available check the serial number to determine the manufacture date, if the manufacture date is within the warranty period the machine is under warranty.
15. Q. My machine will not run, what should I check? A. Make sure the ICE/OFF/WASH switch is in the ICE position. This switch is located behind the front panel. On under counter machines you may need to check the thermostatic bin control. (Find the service manual for your machine here.) On modular units confirm that the splash curtain is properly installed with the tab behind the switch.
16. Q. Where can I find the model and serial number on my machine? A. On under counter machines the model and serial number plate is located behind the front panel at the base of the cabinet or on the control box cover. On modular machines the serial plate is located behind the front panel on the right inside below the access ports. On all machines and bins a serial tag is also located on the back of the unit.