UCG Series

Peak Visibility

This petite, gourmet ice making-machine is everything a business owner needs in a commercial ice machine. Perfect for restaurants, bars, and any mixologist with a couple of killer recipes up their sleeve, the UCG series takes cocktails, treats, and everyday drinks to a whole new level.


Ranging from 25.25” to 31” inches tall with a customizable short leg option, the under-counter ice machine does what it needs to do and stays out of your way to let you do the same.


These underocunter ice makers feature Ice-O-Matic's new removable air filter, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring that the UCG is always operating at its optimum performance, extending the expected life-span of the machine. 


With a removable air filter built for simplicity and ease of use, your business can save valuable time maintaining and cleaning this machine thanks to its functionality. 


Aesthetics alone, the cubes produced from this machine are outstanding. Crystal clear and perfectly crafted cubes with every scoop. With no impurities and a slow melt rate, it’s the perfect gourmet ice.

Front air ventilation allows for flexible installation and the range features our horizontal spray technology that ensures each individually produced ice cube is pure, clear and great tasting. This range is a great option for operators with space limitations who want an undercounter ice machine.

With its contemporary styling, the UCG range fits into any front of house area and features corrosion-resistant stainless steel on the inside and a durable stainless-steel finish.

The self-contained gourmet cube ice makers are designed with practical features that should make them reliable and easy to operate, including durable stainless steel top panels and convenient slide-away doors.

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