Service FAQ

Service FAQ
1. Q. How to Handle Freight Damage Customers with freight damage need to contact the dealer or distributor who billed the product for support.
2. Q. Machine Registration Issues Ice machines may be registered by using this link. If your machine has been manufactured over 180 days ago and it will not accept your installation date, please follow the following steps: 1.) Complete the registration using the default date on the registration. 2.) Email proof of installation or proof of purchase with the serial number of the machine to 3.) Ice-O-Matic will update the registration to the actual installation date as long as the date is within 72 months of the date of manufacture.
3. Q. My low pressure timer initiate is closed and my delay timer is closed, but the machine still won't go into harvest. What is the problem?

A. There is a High Temperature Safety that senses the temp of the suction line. Its purpose is to open if the machine stays in harvest too long. The HTS is located on the suction line. If it fails in the open position, the machine will not enter harvest.

4. Q. My under counter machine was shipped without a splash curtain. How can I order one?

A. Under counter machines are not designed to have curtains or clips. All other parts must be ordered through your local distributor. 

5. Q. Why won't my machine go into ice harvest? A. Two things must happen before the machine can enter harvest. The suction pressure must drop below the set point of the low pressure control which we call a timer initiate. When this occurs the timer initiate closes and supplies power to a delay timer. The delay time is usually set between 3-5 minutes. When the time on the delay timer passed power is then sent to the harvest components.